That was the condition.

but I'm glad it wasn't followed

I was so STUPID to be confident of your feelings.

But I can look back now and have no regrets.

Sorry being a stupid mistake.

I was nothing to you

Isn’t it amazing


How bad I can fuck shit up with my relationships

Make a person seriously hate me



I think it’s a talent

To make a person who once loved you

Hate you so fucking much

Thank you

Thank you so fucking much



…i hate this

It hurts so much.

Hi VIPs! So um, can I ask a favor from you guys?

My friend is having her birthday soon and for her gift I REALLY want to give her a life size G-Dragon standee. But, since I’m more of a shawol, I don’t know where to get an HD pic of GD…

So, can I ask you guys for links of really high quality, full body pic of GD? :D

I would really be grateful!

I will never deserve you.

You deserve someone who will love you like you love her.

That just can’t be me.

So I broke it off.

But why is it, that after everything I’ve done.

After everything I’ve felt (or didn’t feel).

Why do I feel regret now?

I hope that one day you’ll be happy. Because God knows you can’t have that with me.

This is why I didn’t want you to be too sweet. This is why I told you to stop being too generous with your compliments. This is why I scrunch up my nose whenever you say something cheesy.

Because now I’m too dependent on it.

Because I soak up your affection like a drug.

Because I knew it wouldn’t last.

But no, I let myself fall. I let myself bask in your sweet words. I let myself depend too much even when I swore I didn’t.

Now it’s retreating. And seriously, I don’t want to be that girl. The clingy girlfriend.

So I won’t be. I won’t let myself be that. Even if I already failed once, I won’t again. This is one resolution that I have to stick with religiously.